Gas Appliance Servicing

REFINED PLUMBING & GAS focuses on encouraging business owners and householders to realise how important it is to get gas appliance serviced regularly. This results in better performance, reduces the chance of the gas appliance not working properly and improves the safety of the appliance in your workplace or house.

Gas Appliance Services Perth

Our skilled, licensed gas fitters can provide a full service and maintenance program, i.e. installation, maintaining of the unit and any necessary repairs. This is available for the majority of brands of business and household gas appliances, to include systems for cooking, ovens, stove tops, systems for hot water, barbeques and heaters.

A service every two years is highly recommended for all domestic gas appliances to maintain them in optimum condition and good working order. In the case of commercial clients, the recommendation is that the appliance is serviced at six month intervals. For maintenance of gas heaters, it is best to have them inspected at the beginning of the season before they are used because there is a risk of carbon monoxide fumes building up from appliances without a flue.