Gas Leak Detection

As soon as you smell gas, it is imperative to telephone  REFINED PLUMBING & GAS immediately to access our gas leak detection service. This is a 24 hour service throughout the whole year and there are emergency service, fully skilled gas plumbers and fitters available to inspect and sort out the problem. In most cases, the source of a leak can easily be detected in a couple of minutes. This means that the sooner you make the call, the sooner you will have the problem under control.

Gas Leak Detection Perth

The next stage is to advise on how the problem should be repaired as well as outlining a plan for maintenance within the limits of your budget. Regardless of whether you are in your house or commercial property, it is absolutely essential to chek a gas line that is causing problems straight away because of the danger to staff or members of your household as well as being a risk to your property.

It is often the case that a faulty appliance is causing the leak.

Hot water repairs, systems for hot water and services for gas appliances are also included.