Dripping Taps

Many householders think that repair of a dripping tap is simply a matter of replacement of the washer. If you try this, you will probably learn that it isn’t the answer. It is necessary to refit a leaky washer and tap to seal the leak in a permanent way. Because it is a difficult job, a competent tap plumber is required to do it properly. By not sealing the leak correctly, permanent and long term harm can be done to the assembly of the tap.

Dripping Taps Repairs Perth

Our plumbers at REFINED PLUMBING & GAS are skilled and competent experts at sorting out problems with the plumbing of taps. The all year round 24/7 service is available throughout Perth and the surrounding area. Our guarantee is that we will arrive in good time with the equipment and tools that we need to do a good job.

It is possible to save both money and time as one visit is all that is usually needed to complete the job with a return trip or unnecessary delays extremely unlikely. Even if your job is actually an emergency, you will only be charged for the normal rate for call-out if the work is done within standard hours of work and nothing more than this.