Roof Leaks

If a leaking roof is not treated in good time, it can do a lot of damage as well as being expensive to repair. Our leaking roof emergency service provides for repair of any damage to the roof so that your commercial premises or house is not at risk. Pools of moisture and stains are characteristics of a leaking roof and can cause a lot of damage to a building. Storms and windy conditions can cause roof damage which results in a lot of expense and repair to fix it. REFINED PLUMBING & GAS provides an emergency service in the case of a leaking roof to fix the problem immediately and prevent any further damage to the roof or the interior of the building.


Our emergency repair for a leaking roof is a 24-hour service seven days a week in Perth. We are roofing contractors so we appreciate the urgency required when a leak occurs in a roof. To avoid damage, it is absolutely imperative to repair the roof immediately.

On arrival, we are ready to fix the roof regardless of the weather conditions and if the situation is urgent, a tarpaulin can be installed as a temporary measure as a form of protection for the roof area from the water.